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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  January 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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and traffic right now controversy continues in portsmouth after thirteen years now video camera caught this bizarre traffic stop involving the portsmouth mayor and sheriff bill watson mayor is now facing formal charges the update is expected today a big ruling expected today that could affect virginia voters how donald trump is signed to a lawsuit involving the commonwealth's gop loyalty oath in a six o'clock on the dot this is thirty news now at daybreak thursday at the top of this half hour well it's six o'clock so means rush erin ashley is watching the road for any trouble spots and tightening credit for the check of your forecast before you walk out the door a little warmer today a little warmer today it's a good day and feeling really good about. i was so happy coming over from our trending block that i extended my hand out for a low five to ashley and she ran the other direction i think i am a little concerned the whole plot
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talking about this and why would such a great one to see more sunshine today that's one reason and temperatures warming up in the lower to mid fifties so we will be warming up yesterday afternoon temperatures thirty eight it was chilly through the afternoon and today much milder it gets even warmer tomorrow and saturday but there will be good chances for rain tomorrow evening into early saturday is a system passes through right now thirty two so it is still chilly out there southwest winds picking up thirteen mph seeley these air temperatures and when you factor in the wind you can knock off a good five degrees ten degrees it feels like it's in the low to mid twenties for several locations you do want to bundle up this morning but the temperatures will warm up so fear not low to mid fifties today plenty of sunshine remember your sunglasses as you're out the door i'll be back with more details will time out that next system coming through with our future cast also the school day forecast coming up. i dash to break in traffic at that we watch and
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now to hampton where traffic is now stop sixty four eastbound at the hr bt and let me show you why as we head to our camera just got word of this multi vehicle accident. it's either three or four vehicles getting reports here but definitely a multi vehicle accident at the bridge right before you get to the title track to completely stop quickly backing up in a few minutes i'll see the delays and of course we'll talk about the best alternate route but for now. we had four second camera and back to sixty four in norfolk to be to see your traffic headed toward naval station norfolk still very jammed with the accident in the hov lanes on sixty four adjustable bar that is in the clearing stages but has not yet cleared the traffic is jammed making it with five sixty four in the outside lanes were backed up to northview avenue. we are very busy on sixty four this morning and five sixty four i'll have the latest when i come back now to breaking news involving the murder of an american in italy prosecutors have now arrested
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ashley olsen suffered two fractures to her skull before she was strangled authorities have arrested a suspect following analysis of dna that was found at the scene he is twenty five year old heidi on the dl he's an immigrant from senegal who arrived in italy a few months ago illegally. witnesses reportedly salsa and leaving a disco early friday morning and going into her florence apartment. the scanner say that he had taken her cell phone and put his own sim card in it and used it to look for more on coverage on this story just ahead on good morning america you polled all the love they all said staff was in plainclothes and i still have my badge display charges will officially be filed today against portsmouth mayor kenny wright for an expired inspection sticker. the mayor has already been charged with felony eluding and all stems from a chase that you see only on thirteen years now sheriff bill watson going after the mayor know them and
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relationship for years made a right turn himself in yesterday got booked the people of portsmouth says that city leaders just need to put the city first and politics second. and you can watch the raw video of wednesday's confrontation in thirteen years now dot com that is also the spot to find stories on the past conflicts between mayor wright and sheriff watson to put this whole thing into perspective for you. of course we're going to continue to follow developments with the mayor's upcoming court appearances the six o four new this morning a bill filed by virginia lawmaker would require school children to use restrooms corresponding to their quote correct anatomical sex and not how they identify themselves republican delegate mark cole of fredericksburg is a bill sponsor he says appearance in his district are concerned a male student could use the girls facilities right now kevin grimm a transgender teen the gloucester county is suing for the right to use the boys' restroom at his school later today a judge is
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block the so called loyalty oath for virginia voters last month gop leaders persuaded the virginia state board of elections to require voters in the march first primary to sign a statement affirming that they are republicans donald trump criticized the requirement saying that it would scare off new gop voters from supporters filed a lawsuit against the state board week ago saying that such an oath violates civil rights deposit on the first republican presidential debate of the year is tonight in south carolina but the candidates are not waiting for that face off to take shots at each other while many consider it a non starter donald trump is still insisting ted cruz may not be able to run because he was born in canada to american mother. supposing he runs and everybody's thinking on and then the courts rule that can run. that's not so good when you can see the election to hillary clinton what a crazy party will see donald trump
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bush and john k sick on the mainstage you can look for highlight some thirteen years now and eleven. helton elementary school in newport news will reopen today. on monday the crews that worked in the school found lead based paints and officials had to close the building for two days just so they can strip that paints the test of the building for toxins the test did come back clear school leaders say that the crews will finish the painting job when the students have a longer break and six assists one i've seen that police officer ambushed by gunmen who declares his allegiance to isis the fbi is investigation is taking a new turn. new details this morning just ahead on the case the sticker
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like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at i good morning six o nine one to talk about the school day weather and will get the kids ready for the bus stops partly cloudy skies right now but it's actually going to clear so over the next hour so many areas will see the skies becoming mostly sunny temperatures close to thirty two degrees a little cooler in some spots as we take it for the day the temperatures up to fifty around the lunch hour and mostly sunny through the afternoon with fifty three for the afternoon highs will be at the airport and i think to the middle part of the afternoon temperatures
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some militaries will be a little bit warmer right now are starting off with excellent visibility around the entire region southwest winds at thirteen mph you factor in the wind it feels like it's twenty three north pixar really want to stress you still need to dress with a heavier coat be prepared to beat the cold richmond feeling like eighteen degrees right now it feels like twenty five of hampton very tier of the great lakes back over the rockies but take a look at the temperature change in the last twenty four hours. much warmer air just out to the west and we will enjoy a warming trend over the next couple of days so today low to mid fifties tomorrow how about mid to upper fifties and will do it again on saturday there's a storm system that will come through tomorrow night into early saturday bringing rain for today you can see the skies do clear out nicely as i mentioned fifty around noon and then to the afternoon we hit the low to mid fifties not too bad i didn't take a look here over the coming week is going to find the temperatures falling off sharply early
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martin luther king day thirty seven. i will work on breaking traffic from nature bt will see what ashley has to share and cry trapping still stopped him into norfolk sixty four eastbound at the hr bt due to a crash on the bridge as you can see a mile and a half away from the hr bt traffic is quickly growing into a parking lot here at the hampton river bridge that will continue to grow as you try to head to the south side your best bet to stick the monitor merrimack is clear to suffolk or you can head over all the way over i should say to the jr be at another route tree that is clear to the south side up and he'll watch this week we will head to our second camera. traffic is still jammed a slight improvement in the insides of the blaine sixty four west had to walk five sixty for the chesapeake boulevard max and still clear in the hov lanes and you can see the delays are slightly improving they are still jammed the outside to the planes back to northview avenue and it's going to be stop and go into the bay so we are busy this morning on
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for you in eight minutes or an ash thank you it's finally over powerball pandemonium is calming down that someone said the park is following all the developing details are people gather around
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the fbi is now investigating the ambush shooting of a philadelphia police officer
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director james comey says is the islamic state that has been crowd sourcing terrorism police say the suspect edward archer told him that he acted in the name of islam when he opened fire on the officer's cruiser january seven. that officer survives to this lady constable shot and killed a twelve year old girl in perry county pennsylvania that are harrisburg. it happened while serving an eviction at her family's apartment lease a possible clark steele was met at the door by the girl's father. they say the father pointed a rifle in steals checks the constable grabbed his gun and shot the father but the bullet passed through the man's arm and hit the child killing her the commonwealth's constables association says steele is well respected and that he has decided to suspend work on to the investigation into this is complete. new this morning one of the two afghan airmen missing from an air force base in georgia has been found a source of homeland security did not provide details about where how they
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still searching for the other chairman of the pair failed to show up for training exercises at the base last month officials believe that the men don't necessarily pose a risk to the public are just trying to avoid going back to afghanistan later today president obama will be in baton rouge louisiana he's hitting the road after a state of the union address touting progress under his leadership and goals for his final year in office talking points on the road include the unemployment rate dropped and there has been a lot of chatter on twitter about the dress that first lady michelle obama wore to the scene of the union address. gorgeous as usual the washington post reports that someone found a dress for sale at neiman marcus. it had been marked down from six hundred and twenty eight dollars all the way from two thousand and ninety five. now the dress sold out within minutes of the first lady's appearance on capitol hill doesn't matter what political party you belong to this woman is always beautiful with stunning its ear person
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leaves fresh start according to the weather now we are seeing temperatures warm up a little bit today. back above normal typically right around forty eight degrees today when to be close to fifty three and you can see yesterday. we topped out forty two that's a little misleading because that occurred at midnight or just after midnight. afternoon temperatures were actually in the upper thirties so very chilly yesterday for the year at the year before we are one point three inches below normal and we're going to see the rain totals i'm going to come into that significantly tomorrow night into early saturday when i think we could see a half an inch to an inch of rain with the system coming through today don't have to worry about any rain when sea temperatures warming up under mostly sunny skies beautiful through the afternoon low to mid fifties officially the radar sweeping clear we have some cloud cover up their backlog covers really thinning out and we will enjoy a lot of sunshine is a mention. let's expand
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what's going on i hear we get some snow up along the u s canadian border and background the great lakes back over towards new york for me traveling up that way you may want to throw in that extra jacket or whatever makes you get away to beat the cold and that chance for snow showers up around the big apple. locally though the sunshine will abound will enjoy it. clouds on the increase. tomorrow you see it spreading in from the southwest and here comes that next storm system working through the area the rain will begin most likely friday evening but we can see a few showers by late afternoon and then rain likely expected tomorrow night to early saturday morning by five six o'clock allow the rain the bulk of it should be pushing past but if you wrap around showers be possible that two will move away once that clears our area we're in for better weather for the afternoon on saturday and i think most of us will enjoy okay condition sunday as well let me just mention that he could see some snow back on
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the system pulls up along the northeast coast the years going to be colder this could be a significant weather maker for the northeast usa as significant storm saturday into saturday evening so we'll keep an eye to that as it moves away for our area will see big improvements coming saturday and then another quick moving system slides along the southeast coast second to throw a few more showers back at the outer banks on sunday i think most probably won't see a lot on sunday but it could be a few showers depending on the track of that next system moving but temperatures right now. upper twenties to low thirties were going to see the temperatures warming up a little bit the winds are really gusting very much right now but the sustained winds strong enough to leave wind chills feeling like it's in the low to mid twenties right norfolk and chesapeake newport news so obviously do want to take precautions that the kids at the bustop make sure they are dressed appropriately here's a look at the forecast today fifty three partly to mostly
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warmer tomorrow but the rain comes in tomorrow night we'll see improvement saturday and then again that risk of a couple coastal showers and much colder on monday for martin luther king ashley are a crazy head over to traffic network maps now or take a look at our camera they do have updates for you on interstate sixty four both on the peninsula in the south side will start with a look at hampton sixty four eastbound traffic. even before you get to king street rip rap road. you can see traffic is still very heavy out there the good news update traffic is now moving at the age of the team following a multi vehicle crash but at this point you have about two and a half miles of delays before you even get to the hr bt headed to norfolk to your best but still this morning is take the modern era bag to puke and or head over to the jr be the second camera as we move to norfolk did want to show you where traffic starts to back up sixty four westbound at the five sixty for this shot here is at northview avenue in just a little bit before northview avenue. you
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the outside of the planes we still have an accident clearing in the insights of lanes hov lanes at chesapeake boulevard and the delays are putting out there the inside said but it's oblivious logo if you're in the outsides of the plane to depart sixty four so we're still very busy slight improvements but not enough to take a lot of folks happy in my arms are so this story we were the same on this week i will boast ourselves however ladies even they did not win the powerball you may have an excuse to drop big cash on a luxury purse here why of birkin could be a better bet
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the special keyword for today's thirteen years now jumpstart giveaway is dairy now go to burt's now dot com or click on the features tab and enter that keyword for a chance to win the five hundred dollars suspended kroger tune in to daybreak everyday this week for a chance to win something different. congratulations to sophie from virginia beach to see your picture right there if you want two hours of free financial planning from the opus group thank you so much for watching the race so they called a class action lawsuit is being filed against e o s lip balm
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get that initial quote an investment on your farm investment yet i like the quotes for that in the military but were still barely barely feeling the winter weather a craggy tracking even more warm temperatures in his forecast and we're also following breaking news in indonesia this morning attack at a coffee shop. several people were killed sandra parker watching the wires and then during home invasion turns
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posts are shedding chills california that seven eleven is where the winning powerball jackpot ticket was sold least one of them will have much more on this this big story and breaking news several people are dead after a brazen attack in indonesia
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invasion turns violent landing a woman in the hospital will live with more on the search for those who did this is thirteen is now at the break is coming up at six thirty right now i'm undressing and lucy bustamante meteorologist greg muller is tracking a little bit of a warming tent right now i gotta look forward to temperatures that are back up above normal don't know that i would say hey you know it's warm enough to hit the beaches but not a bad afternoon to take a walk the boardwalk hours enjoyed time down at the oceanfront and this morning things are pretty quiet out there that's a live look around the virginia beach fishing pier looking northward towards appear from these quarters. here's a look at what's happening across the area this morning coming in. there were clouds of those clouds are thinning out and you can see that we are going to see a lot of sunshine. one sat sun comes up so beautiful weather the horizon starting to brighten our love the skyview over norfolk roads are dry the wins from the southwest at thirteen mph. so going to focus on temperatures and talk about wind chills right
6:26 am
many areas especially closer to the coast little cooler like south aiken high ski right now emporia twenty three a factor in the wind it feels like it's twenty three degrees in norfolk twenty six in newport news. see you one to dress appropriately pretty chilly out there taking it through the day we're going to see the skies partly cloudy to mainly through this and mainly clear tonight officials iraq fifty three some militaries in the mid to maybe even upper fifties all talk but even warmer weather for tomorrow but chances for rain rolling in late the day tomorrow. i say that with future cas coming up in just a moment right now get an update for the asa backups out there's been a busy morning. oh yeah great timing since about i'd say four fifty five o'clock this morning i've been tracking delays mainly on sixty four but someone five sixty four as well. let's head to our first camera now and talk about the delays on the peninsula so we are already very busy. headed to
6:27 am
traffic is building there we had an earlier crash eastbound near the hr bt that crash has cleared the backups have not to do other two and a half to three mile back up making a way to norfolk and speaking of norfolk as we head to our second camera one sheet rock that had sixty four west making its way to five sixty four the insides of the blame isn't much better after an accident out there blocked traffic for a little bit and slow things down. now the inside lane is moving well the outside set of lanes though is backed up to military highway so three miles of heavy traffic before you even get to five sixty four and all of five sixty four west is jm so we remain very busy this morning on the roads are the latest for you in just a few minutes and breaking news right now the story everyone's talking about three people in three states waking up this morning multimillionaire lottery officials confirming winning tickets were sold in california tennessee and florida the first reported winning ticket that was sold in this seven eleven right here in chino hills california cal excited they are this is just outside of l
6:28 am
ticket in tennessee was sold in one part that is north of memphis no word on the location of that florida winning ticket just yet. if you wanna check out the numbers here they are we've got forty eight nineteen twenty seven thirty four in the powerball ten jeff hart is estimated at nearly one point six billion dollars that means each winner could walk away with about five hundred twenty eight million dollars before taxes and we'll be sure to update you via any other news on those winners of its announced but of course stick around good morning america have much more. continue coverage on this fake story guys. gary thank you and now on to a crime alert in portsmouth a woman is in critical condition after someone shot her during home invasion the officers responded to queen street near the london apartment around eight thirty last night. now our lease brown joins us live at the portsmouth police station with much more on this case elise good morning lucy ninety more officers are starting to plump here at the station ready for duty
6:29 am
people to come forward with information on this home invasion shooting that police say they got to queen street last night and found a woman shot in that were still police say three suspects were seen getting into a vehicle weaving that we don't have a description of that vehicle the woman again was shot in the torso and taken to hospital in critical condition police have not released her name or age police had the street blocked off and could be seen going in and the home as well as walking down the street looked to be collecting evidence. again police are classifying this as a home invasion shooting if you have any information or know who these three suspects are police are asking you to call the crime line in portsmouth police brown thirteen years now. all right elise thank you now to a crime alerts in newport news were teenage boys in the hospital with serious injuries after getting shot in his lower back police say they received a call about shots fired around nine last night in the area of eighteenth street
6:30 am
officers found a wounded seventeen year old. there are still two things still unclear at this hour and that is where the victim was shot in with the police identified a suspect who bring you an update as soon as we learn more new information about a delay in the trial for a mother accused of hiding her son's dead body. a judge continued tight honestly its case yesterday at the request of her attorney clayton is now set for preliminary hearing on february sixteen earlier this week the medical examiner declared the cause of death for slate and son quincy davis and determined no one had seen davis in two thousand and four a state trooper found the boy's remains in sleet and strong last year in hinton. the six thirty five you this morning twenty two years at selling him to man will spend in prison for conspiring to distribute drugs and causing an overdose back in october benjamin barrett pleaded guilty to felony drug charges in newport news. court documents reveal the forty seven year
6:31 am
the peninsula in june forty nine year old robert shaw died of an overdose documents e barrett so shed those drugs and right now suffolk police need your help to find a man they consider one ten twenty year old k shaun robinson has warrants on file for felonious assault and domestic assault. police say robinson is also wanted for questioning in commercial armed robberies. anyone who knows where to find him should call the crime line well still to come the us is refusing to apologize for an sailors who drifted into iranian waters but this morning new video shows the sailors may have already done just that and breaking news out of indonesia were several people are dead after
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. so we made it through yesterday with temperatures in the upper thirties through the afternoon today we're going to warm back up above normal. we'll see highs in the lower to mid fifties good looking day skies are clearing out we did have some cloud cover. early this morning but really that's going away and it is mainly clear this is from the weston looking out across virginia beach to the easter with our skyview i will take a look at the morning and across the region again the skies clearing pretty quickly here temperatures generally upper forties to low thirty s by midday right around forty nine maybe fifty with mostly sunny skies will see
6:33 am
fifteen gusting to twenty and the set in the wind easing of it will be sunny with temperatures above normal but it looks like over the next couple of days it's gonna get even warmer so if you like the warm up again to really enjoy the next couple days with temperatures getting into the upper fifties at the airport southwest winds of thirty mph wind chills with those wins a little bit cooler to feel like it's in the twenties low thirties right now see definitely need to bottle up with that coat this morning we will see the temperatures warming as i mentioned in the skies will be sunny as we go through the weekend is gonna be good chances for rain and come friday night into early saturday morning after that we should see big improvements saturday during the day an afternoon hike chance for a few passing coastal showers as the system stays just offshore little farther to the southeast but that could be a few showers on the outer banks martin luther king day. mostly sunny but it is gonna be chilly
6:34 am
checking traffic in our two big trouble spots the first one is in hampton sixty four eastbound as the hr bt we now have a three mile backup charms that avenue you can see that starts here is going to be stop and go all the way to the tunnel abetted in part due to an earlier accident at the break to take them on him and that of the g or b instead. and on our second camera an update on sixty four west in norfolk where traffic starts to back up at military highway in the outside lanes at a lot of traffic making its way from sixty four to five sixty four and all of five sixty four west is jammed into naval station norfolk so we're still very busy. the latest coming up in eight minutes i think actually the six forty one is one of the most commonly eaten foods potato type in a new study may raise
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the breaking news out of indonesia at least seven people are dead after attackers set off explosions and opened fire at a starbucks cafe in downtown jakarta jakarta police chief says he believes islamic state is definitely behind this attack to the five
6:38 am
were killed and this is how police are responding this is some new video that we've just gotten in armored vehicles securing the streets there the chief of police as they have taken steps to secure vital areas that may be the target of more terror attacks. it also set up checkpoints and searches with the assistance of the army the u s embassy in jakarta is warning all americans to shelter in place we'll keep monitoring this story for an update on good morning america coming up at seven right after daybreak and speaking of updates we did just get one from the virginia lottery officials they are just announcing on twitter that two people in virginia won one million dollars and one of them is in for judy beach the other winner is in salem that is near roanoke. of course three winners in california tennessee florida tennis with the overall one point six billion dollar jackpot after hitting all those lucky numbers guys while the regulations whoever that is set to find a virginia beach when i write that well developing right now more serious story for you. iranian state tv is airing a video of our
6:39 am
after two navy boats drifted into iranian waters watched this was a mistake that was our fault and we apologize for mystic green behavior was fantastic well here we thank you very much for your hospitality and your assistance the u s is apologizing for this incidence but centcom says that the iranians states that video to humiliate the american sailors early yesterday the iranians released ten sailors back to the u s the video shows the sailors kneeling with their hands on their heads moments after they were captured six forty six a new time new this morning president obama has approved an unprecedented increase of refugee aid yesterday mr bala authorize seventy million dollars from a special fund set up by congress are resettled refugees in the us there are no geographical restrictions being the aid money could be spent on refugees worldwide notable size and scope the presidential declaration is the largest expansion of the program at least two
6:40 am
microsoft has released a short cut in the latest update to its outlook us act it's now more deeply integrated with skydive seek and turn events into your calendar to live virtual meetings the update also offers a three day calendar view was very exciting time in our ford motor company is unveiling its new ford pass at the app will help commuters find parking and other kinds of services users will be able to text or talk with live assistance as well they are not going to drive a four to use the applet for donors will receive the most benefits. this app is supposed to launch in april check this out apple's updated operating system may help you sleep better the update which hasn't been released yet to the public offers a feature called night shift it uses the devices clock and location to automatically change the display to warmer colors as day turns to night. this filters out the blue light that can keep the body from
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you sleep the blue light is a big disruption in sleep right now among many people associate those things off i just want to sleep expert this week is that those devices off about two hours before because it is causing big issue with me you know what soccer freak me out a level that high on my smartphone as i have an apple pie and oh my i phone. it's starting to tell me what my driving destination times would be for places that i'm going to be going. i know i'm going to be going but you have until the rifle was doing something is tracking patterns like you'll be here fifteen minutes. i didn't know i was the iris not in my winter and it's wyoming wild me was how we just really being watched we just go and that our eyes out right now i'm watching temperature is hopefully there's a you know a good portion of the one point eight million viewers watching me give the forecast
6:42 am
yesterday was thirty eight so our spot on st now add ten as we take you through the day today we're going to extend that streak. if we get that high within a few degrees of fifty three and i think we will many years to reach the mid fifties today but officials here portion say close to fifty three baby fifty four skies are clearing right now we look really good across the region and those temperatures back up above normal so it's going to be nice to be a little bit milder will enjoy the sunshine today skies will be mainly clear tonight so really no problems out there in the near term it is chilly this morning. you want to coat and you may want to allow the car a little extra time to warm up especially if you're in line but aside from that today looks beautiful that's a mari see the clouds pushing up the north carolina even friday morning will see increasing clouds during the day on friday and by friday late afternoon evening the rain rolls in so good chances for rain later in the day tomorrow rain will occur overnight friday into
6:43 am
then it will pull away as we go through the day on saturday and skies should become partly to invariably cloudy on saturday with clearing later in the afternoon to get a preview looking weekend once at rain clears ako senses that will continue to roll off to the northeast as we look at late saturday into sunday a step over here because another quick moving system expected to swing up the southeast coast that one should stay offshore but it may throw a few sprinkles back towards the outer banks on sunday maybe the hampton roads that most likely a little farther to the south will keep you updated of the next couple days as i mentioned temperatures low thirties right near the coast little cooler in law and wind chills and then really cold although the grass really not that strong. it feels like it's in the lower to mid twenties and several locations near the seven day forecast after today will be in the upper fifties tomorrow i think mid to upper fifty saturday look for sunny be cooler and the big chill coming in for martin luther king day monday the high
6:44 am
get an update on the back ups out there traffic spent a bit of a mass this morning and i'm telling you greg between hampton and norfolk it is been a really big traffic headache for folks trying to get to work or everyday maybe i headed on time this morning so we can be the latest on the delays before you head out here's a live look at traffic in hampden i'm showing you this because we are delays are beginning sixty four eastbound headed to the hr bt this shot is right around lasalle avenues near the top three in half to four miles of a backup headed to the hr bt and making a way to the south side now. and speaking of the south side on our second camera we had now onto traffic sixty four westbound just past north hampton blvd you can see things or jam they're headed to five sixty four and making its way out to naval station norfolk. a quick look at our map just wanna show you we do have slight delays into norfolk at the midtown tunnel and don't forget the high rise opens at ten o'clock this morning out in chesapeake. one of the very latest on your delays especially on interstate
6:45 am
in five minutes or take us the time now is coming on six fifty two new in health news new study finds a drug used to treat dementia may help people with parkinson's disease. try apparently correlate stash other patients who receive the demented drive in five forty five percent less likely to fall and worse than a year when they walked parkinson's affects approximately seven million people worldwide experts say seventy percent will fall at least once a year leading to broken bones and hospital stays. new this morning researchers at john hopkins university have created an online testing can help people with chronic kidney disease and let them know when they have an issue the aim is to help people mentally prepare for dialysis or transplant and give other patients not at risk. peace of mind and you this morning new data shows that eating more potatoes may slightly increase a woman's risk of developing gestational diabetes experts say that replacing just two servings of spuds a week with other
6:46 am
whole grains could reduce this risk during your pregnancy by about ten percent. also new this morning a product to take away any anxiety that comes with taking a pregnancy test i don't know about that statement will go at that isn't the first ever balloon to a pregnancy test the first response test comes equipped to communicate via bluetooth to an app that you can download on your phone. the apple indicate when that steak is finished detecting whether you are pregnant or not. and while you're waiting the apple give you the information to educate you entertain you even kong is known to be given your fold too much information your oil you know people access to the same time now six fifty three people right here there's so much more ahead on daybreak including a wrap of the morning's top stories an
6:47 am
i entered the store in the morning rush a woman is critically injured after someone shot her during home invasion in portsmouth the officers found the woman on queen street near the london oaks apartments around eight
6:48 am
took her to the hospital with a gunshot wound to her torso was still three unknown people were seen getting into a car leaving after the incident. if you have any information that could help police track them down call the crime one in that number one eighty eight lock u up and we've got breaking news virginia has two one million dollar lottery winners jeff virginia lottery officials just confirmed on twitter a few minutes ago one of those winners right here in virginia beach the other is in salem that in a row now and they hit five of the winning numbers those numbers four eight nineteen twenty seven thirty four and the powerball can be sure to double check your numbers course the three big winners were in california tennessee and florida with those folks in california very excited three people there to split the overall almost one point six billion dollar jackpot after hitting all those lucky numbers you can look for much more on this very big story coming up on good morning america about how easily i later today charges will officially be filed today against portsmouth mayor
6:49 am
inspection sticker. the mayor has already been charged with felony eluding. this all stems from a chase that you saw only on thirteen years now sheriff bill watson going after the mayor is important to say that these men have had strained relationship for years. we are right turn himself in yesterday and was booked the people of portsmouth say city leaders need to put the city first and politics second. and you can watch the raw video wednesday's controversial confrontation on thirteen years now the calm that is will also find stories on the past conflicts between mayor wright and sheriff watson of course we can continue to follow developments with the mayor's upcoming court appearances are it's been busy on the roads ashley is tracking it back up right now versus yes sixty four inches the math on that meant lying on the south side is giving you a live look at traffic headed to the hr bt this shot but the delays are actually beginning around lasalle avenue which is three and a half miles away from the hr bt had hinted to norfolk to her head to the south side i would take the monitor
6:50 am
both clear right now and on our second camera we take a look at traffic in norfolk on sixty four west. this shot is at north hampton blvd five miles away from the sixty four interchange. it looks like that all the way to five sixty for trafficking a little bit better and five sixty four itself but it still flow into the base from there so it is to be a headache for base traffic for a job bt traffic anarchy posted about gma seven s the buildings bit warmer i will get a good start with the weather i am always amazed is on the sandals is enough to ashley that she is like a juggler she's got so many they are going on in our house and keep it all straight last night and whether straight for today temps are going to top out in the lower to mid fifties and be a little warmer tomorrow one storm system comes through friday night rain is going to happen and then sunday we'll be watching a coastal system depending on the exact track we could see conditions change will be on
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